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Police Auctions – Here’s where to find the real bargains

If you’re looking for a great deal on things such as electronics, mobile phones, bikes, jewellery and even cars then you may want to check out police seized goods auctions. Police departments, as you of course know, end up with lots of goods that are seized for one reason or… Read more »

Auto Auction Success Tip: Anticipate Bids

I’ve been a car dealer for the past twenty years. Living in a small town and moving my business three different times, I can’t say that I have a large clientele. A lot of dealers will attend weekly auto auctions and bid on a few cars and come home with… Read more »

Weekly Surplus Auctions

Weekly Surplus Auctions

Who needs to shop at a Dollar Store when there’s a surplus auction held every Friday night in the fire hall? When these auctions first came to our town a few years ago they were referred to as “Christmas” auctions. The advertisements highly encouraged people to attend and get their… Read more »