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The Prince Auction Is Open For Bidding If you are a Prince fan then you won’t want to miss this one with a small collection of items from Early Pre-Purple Rain Era up for sale. View original article at   The 40: Berkshire Museum works of art headed to auction Gathered here… Read more »

Houston Flood Damaged Car Auctions & Salvage Auctions

As cleanup operations begin in Houston after Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on the city the process of dealing with all the damaged cars, trucks and machinery has already begun. All reports are pointing to this being the biggest U.S. auto-salvage operation on record after with Cox… Read more »

Sold To Bidder #131!

Sold To Bidder #131!

Growing up, my older sister used to read the Edith: The Lonely Doll books to me. In each book Edith went on different adventures and her best friend was Mr. Bear. The books contained full-size photos of Edith and you felt as though she was a real person. Imagine my… Read more »

In Auction News This Week – One Man’s Antique collection, a Very Special GT, and some very cool Shoes

A quick roundup of some of more interesting news items that are doing the rounds this week… Midstate man’s massive antique vehicle collection up for auction CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – An auction of antique cars, trucks, tractors, and more is getting attention from around the world. The auction includes this… Read more »

Used Police Car Auctions – What You Need to Know

Used police cruiser auctions can be a great way to pick-up a solid car for a pretty fair price, so let’s investigate. Have you ever watched timeless classic ‘Blues Brothers’ movie? That’s really the trigger for me that inspired not only my thinking but also thousands like me. I have… Read more »